Flexity Modular Tram Set

Flexity Modular Tram Set

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Our modern Flexity Style Tram Set is designed to represent the Bombardier modular tram solution. The three car set includes the power car, pantograph suspended coach and the trailer car with full bi-directional lighting and interior lights. The powerful motor unit includes a tank motor driving through a reduction gear onto a main drive shaft then worm gears driving each axle, giving an impressive amount of power to cope with tight curves (down to 450mm minium raduis) less than R1 curves and power up steep gradients, so you can build tramlines into proper road conditions.

The kit includes detailed photograph instructions for easy construction and detailing on soldering the wiring with diagrams. Each car interconnects with flyleads over the roofs to take the lighting controls throughout the tram unit and separate power leads to connect the motors together on the five and seven car sets.

The extension pack includes an additional suspended car and a motor bogie unit adding more driving axles to the set for power. So a five car set will have two motors and a seven car set will have three motors, with the only unpowered wheels been in the trailer car.

The radio control option has our latest key fob transmitter and specially programmed receiver card for the trams functions.