Well Wagon Crane and support truck

Well Wagon Crane and support truck

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A kit to build a well wagon crane with its support truck

The crane sits on a well wagon chassis with arms that swing out on each corner to support the crane operation with feet that screw up and down. The crane has detailed control levers for the cab with the operator seat and the gear box with pulleys on the cab roof leading to the control of the jib arm and hook.

You have the option of putting in two turn wheels inside the cab boot with handles on the back of the cab to operate the jib and hook or have it as a static crane without the handles at the back. 

The kit comes with the heavy GRS metal wheel sets and brass bearings as well as Binnies centre buffer couplings.

Can be built up for SM32 or G45 gauges but we only have SM32 axles available at the moment.

SM32 code G500 axles (G45 requires G606 axles)

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