Seven Eighth Scale Semaphore Signals (Pair)

Seven Eighth Scale Semaphore Signals (Pair)

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A pair of large 7/8th scale semaphore signals with working LED light and coloured lenses including rear access ladder.

Upper Quadrant OR Lower Qaudrant styles in the same kit!

The kits builds up two complete signals with the choice of either upper quadrant or lower quantrant style signalling and the option of building one as a home distance signal. The mast is reversable to have the lamp on the outside for lower quadrant or on the inside for building the upper quadrant style. The kit includes two complete sets of semaphore arms for both styles of signal.

The signal post is 14mm by 12mm thick and stands 325mm hight capped with a square post header. The semaphore arms are 95mm by 14mm and have a red and green coloured lens disc for stop sighnal and amber/green lenses for distance signal. A bright 5mm LED lamp fixed behaind the lens for maximum visibility. The counter balanced crank lever works with a wire to pull the signal arm up and allows for a return drop action. 

The kit includes all parts to build up a pair of semaphore signals and comes with two danger and one distance semaphore arms for both upper and lower quadrant style signals, two white LED’s. a set of two coloured perspex discs (2 red,2 green and 1 amber) as well as a pack of blots, washers and nuts as well as wire for operating the signal arms. The signal has a base plate 48mm by 95mm to give sturdy support to the signal and allows for ground mounting.