Seven Eighth Scale Double Level Crossing Gate Kit

Seven Eighth Scale Double Level Crossing Gate Kit

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A complete level crossing gate kit for 7/8th scale with four 10ft gates, 4 fence panels, 8 half fence panels and 8 corner posts.

The pack allows you to build up either a four gate, double level crossng with right angle fencing using the eight half panels or you can build up two separate signle crossings with the additional gate posts provided. 

The crossing gates are 10ft wide (230mm by 94mm) and 4ft high with brass hinges locked into large gate posts 108mm high. These posts then have the notches in to lock into our standard picket style fencing system to complete the gate formation. 

Part of our unique fencing solution, the picket fence panels represemt a 3ft high by 7ft fence panel locked into the fence posts by two cross bracing bars. The four full panels are160mm by 71mm with bracing bars. The half fence panels are 96mm wide of which 8 are providesd. 

Pack contains:

  • four sets of 10ft by 4ft high crossing gates with 4 circular discs and 8 half circular discs
  • four sets of full 3ft high picket fencing panels
  • eight sets of half picket fence panels
  • eight sets of crossing gate posts (hinged posts and optional end stop posts)
  • eight sets of corner posts and fouteen sets of standard posts

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