Lineside Accessories

A railway is much more than just track and trains it serves a purpose and to add detail to your layout you need a wide range of line side accessories. We bring you a range of lineside accessories to add that detailing. This includes, buildings, wagon loads, and platform seating. A great range of furnishing your buildings. 

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A Detailed Kit, To Build Your Own Level Crossings Gate That Integrates Into Our Fencing System.The k..


Lineside Hut New

Lineside Hut

Lineside HutA small lineside hut with planked sides, door at one side and four pane window in the si..


Pack 3 semaphore signals New

Pack 3 semaphore signals

A kit for three traditional semaphore signals with working lights for 16mm scale garden railways.The..


Pack 3 Twin Aspect Signals New

Pack 3 Twin Aspect Signals

A pack of three twin aspect colour light signals for garden railways as a kit of parts.The pack cont..


Pack Of Six Fence Panels And Hinged Gate

A detailed set of parts to build up six fence panels and a gate with brass hinges. The posts are mad..


Station Accessory Pack With Seats

A park of parts to build up a set of station accessories to include two platform trolleys, two notic..


Workmans Cabin

A wooden Cabin detailing wooden panel, door and framed window with a sloped roof and detailed interi..


8Ft Gate with Fencing

A pack of ten fence panels with posts and a hinged 8ft gate (128mm wide) along with two corner posts..


Small Stackable Wagon Crates

A pack of six stacking wagon load crates measuring 54mm x 36mm x 24mm high (3ft4.5 x 2ft3 x 1ft6)&nb..


Pack Of Five Platform Bench Seats

A pack of parts to make up five platform bench seats for 16mm scale..


Log Burning Stove With Illumination

A detailed log burning stove that has a candle LED for illuminating the logs to add realism. Th..


Furnishing Pack

To add detail into a room you can buy a pack of furnishing that include a writing desk, chair and a ..


Station Shelter New

Station Shelter

A detailed 16mm scale line side station shelter with four pane windows front and sides with window s..


Large Cargo Crates

A pair of large cargo crates on pallets for wagon loads. 16mm scale kit of parts to build two comple..