.... Welcome to North Pilton Works. We specialize in 16mm SM32 Model Railways....

The North Pilton Works has been set up to build a wide range of affordable 16mm scale narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock for the Garden Railway scene for SM32 model railways.

We will be updating the website over the next few weeks with photographs of the products as they are produced and available for sale. The product launch will be June 2016 by which time we will be producing a starter range of products to open up the market in affordable ready to run rolling stock. We will then be rolling out the rest of our range of products over the coming months.

The locomotives are being designed supplied as ready to run as well as available as kits with options for full radio control. Our aim is to first provide a quality entry level train sets that will enable anyone to get started straight out of the box and easily extend their own stock with our bulk pack of wagons and carriages. we will then start work on our second range of rolling stock to include bogie wagons and carriages and more locomotives.

Our STARTER RANGE are built from laser cut 3mm plywood and come with batteries, lights and a motor gearbox providing 30:1 reduction from a high torque 6Volt motor. These can be quickly fitted with radio receivers for full control with our radio starter pack. The carriages and coach provide a complete range to get started with a platform wagon, open wagon, box van, guards van and passenger coach available.

Our next range of DELUXE ready to run train sets will be contructed in laser cut plastoc and cast resin parts and include full radio control These sets will be supplied with a pair of wagons and can then be extended with extra wagons. The starter sets are produced in 3mm plastic making them rigid and strong as well as adding weight. They are all powered by 12V RS385 motors and a reduction gearbox driving on all axels so that they can pull long trains.

PLEASE EXCUSE the rough images for the moment: we will be replacing all the images with photographs as each of the models are ready and produce a full product reviews for each item that we are putting into production.


Our first range of products aims to provide affordable ready to run rolling stock manufacted from high qualifty laser cut birch plywood and running with metal wheels in brass bearing with Binnie centre buffer couplings.

These will be available seprate, or in starter sets with a locomotive and rake of wagons or coaches and supplied with everything including batteries so they can be put on the track and run out of the box.

Our Starter Range Train Sets include the locomotive and rake of wagons or coaches to get you running with a pack of batteries ready to plug in and run. The goods set has four different wagons including a platform wagon, open wagon, box van and guards van. The parcels train set include the locomotive and three parcels vans. The passenger sets include the locomotive and three passenger coaches. The rail bus passenger set will include the rail bus and a passenger coach.

The starter range can also be purchased in primer only so that you can apply your own livery to match your own railway. Fot those that want to purchase the parts, they will also be available in kit form so that you can build and modify them to your own requirements.

The locomotives will be powered by 3 AA batteries and a powerful 6V motor through a 30:1 gear box. With working head and tail light

The locomotives can be upgraded to radio control using one of our transmitter starter sets.